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Pursuant to our unique process of product development, interventionalists described the "ideal" aspiration catheter system for acute ischemic stroke as possessing the following characteristics:

  1. Best in class "trackability" (ability to reliably reach the M1 anatomical location)
  2. Largest possible inner diameter/caliber to increase the likelihood of "first pass" aspiration (maximum revascularization rate)
  3. Enable the fastest time to revascularization
  4. Reduced risk of thrombus fragmentation
  5. Reduced risk of arterial barotrauma (arterial damage)

The result of our unique product development process resulted in the Oryon™ aspiration system for treatment of acute ischemic stroke. The physics and materials used in this device meet or exceed each of the design inputs.

Oryon™ has been extensively tested both in-house and at the Jacobs Institute.

Arming interventionalists with tools that enable them to improve outcomes for stroke patients.