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Poseydon Medical is focused on addressing unmet needs in the treatment of stroke.

Our lead product is the ORYON™ aspiration catheter for the treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS). ORYON™ has been carefully engineered to reach the deep into the brain where blood clots become lodged.

ORYON™ is unique in that the inner diameter of the catheter represents a new class of aspiration catheter being called "super bore".

This new "super bore" class of aspiration catheter presents a dramatically larger lumen to the blood clot than existing aspiration catheters which are too small to completely envelope and remove the clot.

ORYON™ is part of a family of devices and integrated systems Poseydon Medical is designing to improve the treatment of stroke and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Arming interventionalists with tools that enable them to improve outcomes for stroke patients.